BGT star talks about severe depression and self-harming battle

'Britain's Got Talent' star Jonathan Antoine has spoke out about his battle with severe depression and self-harming, according to

The 18-year-old opera singer, who came second in the 2012 series of the show alongside his partner Charlotte Jaconelli, revealed his troubles in an interview with the Sunday People.

He said that his troubles started to begin during a relationship with a girl who used to self-harm herself. Talking about the girl, he said, according to "She was pretty messed up. She was self-harming a lot. I tried to hide it from mum because I knew she'd be really upset. But my girlfriend didn't really care about being discreet."

The young star said he used to have to hide the blades from his girlfriend so she wouldn't cut herself. However, when she moved away, the singer admitted to the behaviour himself.

He commented: "I lost it. I told mum and then I went upstairs. I removed a blade from a sharpener and cut up my torso. There was blood everywhere. My mum walked in and just went into meltdown."

Jonathan claimed that 'Britain's Got Talent' came at just the right time as it helped bring him out of that dark place. Those who are self-harming or who think they may be suffering from depression may want to visit their GP. The doctor may offer help such as counselling courses or anti-depressants.

Statistics show that approximately ten per cent of young people self-harm at some point. However, this figure could be higher as many teenagers don't openly admit to the behaviour.