5 Exercises to Help You Feel More Optimistic

How optimistic are you? Sometimes it can feel impossible to think positively and it’s certainly difficult to be positive at all times. We’re only human after all. However, if you learn to switch your mindset, this can have a great impact on the way you think. Here are my top five exercises that can help you feel more optimistic.

  •  Believe that you will succeed: exercise isn’t all about the body and it’s often more important to exercise the mind to maintain a high level of well being. When you believe in yourself, you are demonstrating self-worth and in turn taking care of yourself. Fear of failure or success - because fear of success is a thing - will only hold you back and mean you think negative thoughts. Tell yourself every day that you will succeed. Let those words shape your thoughts and beliefs. You could even add in some daily positive affirmations. They’re great for keeping you feeling optimistic and focusing on the good things in life. For example, if you have low-self-esteem you could look in the mirror each morning and evening and repeat “I am beautiful” to yourself. Yes, you may feel silly doing that to begin with, but positive affirmations can and do work.

  • Make peace with your past: it’s easy to dwell on the past and remain rooted there in your mind, especially if you’ve been through a particularly traumatic period in your life. Do you often feel that something bad is going to happen again or that everything is going to go wrong? Letting go of the past and living in the present can really help to boost positive thinking, meaning you can live your life as an optimistic person. Of course, it’s easier said than done and I’d never suggest that you simply need to snap out of it. Maybe seeing a counsellor or hypnotherapist will help you to let go of the past. Perhaps you could try self-hypnosis or mindfulness to help you live in the present moment. There are a range of tools and support out there to help you make peace with the past. In doing that, you’ll be providing yourself with the gift of optimism.

  • Remind yourself of your blessings and express gratitude: set some time aside to think about all of the good things in your life and everything you are thankful for. Write each of those things on some paper and then spend some time thinking about that list in your hands. You’ll soon realise that you have much to be grateful for. This will enable you to start thinking more optimistically, focusing on the good you have in your life and how you can build on that. You could turn this into a regular exercise by writing down five things you are grateful for that week (or even daily). It could be something as simple as seeing a beautiful sunset or having a good day at work. The things you’re grateful for don’t have to be profound. Remember, the simple things in life often bring the most joy.

  • Only use positive words when talking: whether you are talking to yourself or someone else, try using only positive words and see how that makes you feel. So instead of saying words such as “no” and “can’t”, replace them with positive words and notice how the language you use shapes your mindset. By consciously changing the words you use, you’ll retrain your brain to get used to using them. You’ll soon find that using positive words comes naturally to you.

  • Get plenty of regular physical exercise: how the body feels can affect the mind. So, if you’re not very active you may feel sluggish and this in turn impacts on your mindset. Even if it’s 20 minutes of walking each day, you’ll soon feel the benefits.

Being optimistic can help you in every area of your life. It contributes to your overall well being. By finding exercises that work for you, it will become much easier to be optimistic and more positive in your life.