X Factor winner talks about anxiety issues

Last year's X Factor winner James Arthur has talked about his battle with depression and anxiety.

The 25-year-old singer says that he was diagnosed with depression before he entered into the show and still suffers with symptoms from the condition.

Arthur claims that music and singing has helped him cope with his issues however, telling nowmagazine.co.uk: "Sometimes I can't sleep. I've got that many creative ideas going round my head. I get the guitar out and start singing at the top of my voice until I feel the anxiety draining away."

He added: "Music is my coping mechanism. Singing something passionately releases that energy,"

Those suffering with anxiety issues may also want to try other methods such as anti-depressants or counselling courses if they don't have a hobby that they feel might help them.

Arthur, who scored a no.1 hit with his debut single 'Impossible', is now working with depression charity STAMP to raise awareness of mental health issues. He told thesun.co.uk that by working with the charity, he feels like he is giving something back.

The singer collapsed after one of his X Factor performances last year, which is said to have been due to him suffering from a panic attack.