Workers stressed over job fears

New research has revealed that workers are more worried about losing their jobs than even before, according to

The report was carried out by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which is backed by the government. It claims workers are suffering extreme stress as they are suffering so much pressure from their jobs. According to the data, 60 per cent claim they feel pressured due to 'tight deadlines' for most of their day, whilst 40 per cent say they have to work at 'very high speeds' for at least 75 per cent of their working life.

Some experts blame the rise in technology, which now means some workers are on-call 24-hours a day, due to applications such as email on smartphones. Talking about this, Professor Francis Green from the Institute of Education, who was the author of the report, told "New technologies enable employees to work more constantly, closing up the gaps in the working day, extending it to the journey home."

Employees who are experiencing extreme stress should talk to their employer to try and reduce pressure in the office. People who think stress is greatly affecting their daily live may also want to visit their GP, who could recommend aids such as counselling courses.

The recession was also blamed for increasing competitiveness in the workplace.