Winning Blog: First Day with Chrysalis

I consider if I am nervous or not as I drive the 35 minute journey in the autumnal sunshine picking the gold out on the leaves in hedges, inspiring me to reflect on the golden moments that I might explore on this very first day.

Was I nervous about meeting new people? Absolutely not! I was full of excited anticipation about forging new bonds of friendship with like-minded beings that were on their own personal journeys but essentially exploring how to help others. How lovely was that!

Was I nervous about meeting the course tutor? A little, it is usually me on the receiving end observing 11-19 year olds and lifting confidences as they walk through the classroom door.

Was I nervous about being thrown into a climate of academia, being able to rise to the challenge of extending my own knowledge and skills in this area? Of course not as I felt so privileged to have this wonderful opportunity of self-growth and be able to exercise my resting intellect.

So why was it as I pulled up into the pleasant green surroundings of the venue that I felt the stirrings of anxiety? I stepped onto the tarmac and listened to the birds singing as I made my way to the designated area allowing the fluttering in my stomach. A very smart woman with a big bright beam of white timidly asked me if I was here for the Hypnotherapy Course; I nodded and her heartfelt earnest laugh dissolved any nerves that had begun to surface and we walked together unfolding each other’s stories.

Two became three as a young man approached and we all smiled our way into an unheated room that soon warmed with the variety of different people that entered. The course tutor: a consummate professional instilled that same professionalism in us right at the onset and captivated us with her enthusiastic delivery and in depth knowledge. I was hooked…

This deepened as we set out the rules for our classroom etiquette and I observed and listened to what we all thought were pivotal in achieving the very best from us as a team of professionals. I realised how lucky I was to be on a journey with a group of people who also thought like me and that the following elements were imperative when human experience was shared and foundations built: empathy, compassion, being non-judgemental, listening carefully, communicating effectively and with support, demonstrating understanding and kindness and allowing us all to just be…

My adventure had begun!