Tips on how to tell work you need a mental health day

With the demands of everyday life often pulling us all in different directions, life can quickly become challenging and overwhelming.

This level of stress and anxiety can impact all areas of your life, including your relationships, work-life, and family dynamics. And the key to dealing with these feelings is to admit when you need a break to rejuvenate.

Mental health concerns incorporate everything from depression and anxiety through to feeling mentally exhausted. All mental health conditions should be addressed, and businesses should acknowledge the need for their employees to have a mental health day if required.

After all, needing a mental health day off work is no different to needing a day off when you are unwell.

But how do you tell work that you need a mental health day?

Don’t worry about being judged

Due to the stigmas that are unfortunately still associated with mental health conditions, many people are reluctant to ask for time off when they need it. But you should never fear being judged for needing some time off to look after your mental health. Addressing any mental health issues early on will often reduce the time you need to take off in the long run.

Arrange a meeting in a private space

Arranging a meeting in a private space away from the hustle-bustle of the office is always a great idea. Being able to talk freely and openly with your manager or HR team will allow you to get everything off your chest without having to worry about anyone else listening to your conversation. Remember anything you say is strictly confidential and won’t be shared with your co-workers.

Always be open

When talking about your mental health, always be open and honest with your employer. By having an honest conversation, they can identify ways that they can support you when you return to work.

Prepare in advance

Many people find it difficult to open up about how they are feeling, especially at work. With this in mind, it can be incredibly helpful to prepare in advance for your meeting. Plan how you will bring up the subject or write notes about how you feel so that you can refer back to them if you’re struggling to convey how your feelings.

It’s good to talk!

Your health and wellbeing are just as important in work as it is outside of work. It’s always beneficial to talk about how you are feeling, especially if you need a mental health day. It’s also a good idea to keep your manager up to speed with how you are feeling so that they can also recognise when a mental health day may be beneficial for you.

If you’d like to learn more about supporting people with their mental health in a professional capacity, get in touch to find out more about our counselling and hypnotherapy courses.