Three out of ten of Brits will seek professional help to combat workplace stress

Almost three out of ten Brits will seek professional help to combat workplace stress, according to a new poll by Benenden Health.

The poll, which aimed to gather a range of statistics about the 'average British employee', paints a gloomy picture about mental health in the workplace.

According to, it suggests that the average employee suffers three periods of prolonged stress throughout their working life and will sign off from work as a result at least once.

It claimed that the typical British employee will experience three major bust-ups in the workplace will have two relationships damaged due to workplace issues.

Twenty-nine per cent of those questioned in the poll claimed to have sought professional help to deal with workplace stress, perhaps from those with a diploma in counselling.

In an interview with, Benenden Health spokesman Paul Keenan suggested that the poor economic climate may have increased the likelihood of Brits suffering from work-related stress.

He explained: "Heavy workloads and disagreements with colleagues can all take a heavy tool on our well-being and many of us are seeing this spill over into our home lives. This is coupled with the ongoing threat of redundancy whilst the UK economy struggles to get back on track.

"There are small positives. For example, those losing control of a work-life balance is still in the minority - but with over a third of people needing to find second jobs, maintaining his balance will become a losing battle."

Beneden Health gathered these figures by questioning 2,000 British workers about their careers.