Third of women say weighing themselves after Christmas is their "biggest fear"

New research has found that a third of women say that weighing themselves after the Christmas period is their "biggest fear", reports

The data, which was collected by yoghurt company Onken, found that women fear getting on the scales more than getting dumped by a partner in January.

Visiting the dentist was the only thing that women feared more than a weigh-in, according to the survey, with 32 per cent of participants claiming this is what they feared most.

Laura Graham, a spokeswoman for Onken, told "We need to let our hair down this January and not let the pressure of resolutions get to us."

Ms Graham continued: "With more women fearing stepping on the scales this New Year than being dumped it goes to show that the pressure of facing New Year demons is getting to the nation more than ever!"

It is reported by that 62.8 per cent of adults in the UK (aged 16 and over) are overweight or obese, with the problem usually even worse after Christmas when people have over-indulged.

Over-eating can also be linked to psychological issues too however. Those suffering from obesity may want to consider a counselling course, which could help them on their path to loosing weight.

The survey also found that 40 per cent of women don't weigh themselves at all throughout the whole of January.