A third of ambulance staff take time off for stress

It is common knowledge that being a paramedic is a full-on occupation, but it could come as a shock to some that a third of ambulance staff take time off as a result of high stress levels.

Research, conducted by Unison, also found that one in five paramedics described their work-life balance as terrible.

To gather this information, Unison's researchers surveyed 1,300 NHS ambulance staff and asked them questions regarding their occupation and personal health. The research also found that many of the respondents said that they were "suffering in silence" as they did not want to report any health problems.

According to bbc.co.uk, this indicates that the ambulance service could be on the verge of a break down.

Christina McAnea, Unison's head of health, told theinformationdaily.com that stress is a 'ticking time bomb' for the ambulance service and something should be done to help the crews. She also said that the government needs to take heed of this research and find a solution to this problem.

Ms McANea said: "Our members accept that their jobs can be physically demanding and challenging. However, some now tell us they are suffering from heart palpitations, flashbacks, nightmares, migraines, depression and an overall feeling of despair. As a result, many are actively looking to leave the profession."