Succesful London West Open Day

The Chrysalis Team tried out our new London West Venue today and we loved it. Thank you for everyone that came along. We hope all the information shared will help you decide which course you’re best suited to.

When we visited the West London University we arrived by train and were surprised how convenient the location was and how easy it would be to get to the centre of this vibrant city. The transport links are frequent and easy, so you will have no problem getting around.

It was very rewarding to hear such fantastic feedback from you all regarding the presentations and efficiency of the Open Day. We and the interviewers were pleased to see so much enthusiasm from the attendees, we can’t wait to speak to you and follow your Chrysalis journey.

We would like to say a final massive thank you to our tutors that attended, Karen Ferguson, Bob Collins and Mandy Martin, and of course our busy interviewer May Williams.