Stacey Solomon speaks out about post-natal depression

TV star Stacey Solomon has talked about the post-natal depression she suffered after giving birth to her first son Zach.

The mother, now 23, said finding out she was pregnant when she was just 17 was 'devastating' and claimed that her parents told her she wouldn't be able to fulfil any of her life's ambitions any more.

Her low mood only worsened after the birth, when she suffered from full-blown post-natal depression. The star told "[After the labour] I had stitches everywhere and I was bleeding. I felt like everything was ruined. I was 18 and didn't want to be a mum."

She added: "It made me not feel young any more."

Post-natal depression typically affects mothers four to six weeks after they give birth, however it may not develop until several months after the baby is born. Symptoms include sustained low mood, difficulty sleeping and a feeling of unable to cope with the new responsibilities of being a mother. Those who feel they may be suffering should visit their local GP, who may be able to recommend treatment, such as counselling courses.

Ms Solomon, who has appeared on shows such as 'X Factor' and 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' gave birth to her second son, Leighton, in May, according to