Sons of smoking mothers have a lower sperm count, says study

A new study has found that sons of female smokers have a lower sperm count, which could cause fertility problems later in life.

According to, many studies over the past 20 years have claimed that the quality of men's semen is getting worse. A few of these studies suggested that the reason for this could be environmental and that humans are being exposed to too many toxins. Some also blamed male smoking for the decline of sperm quality.

However, this new study (conducted by the University of Western Australia) found that sons of mothers who smoked while they were in the womb and when they were still young are likely to end up with lower sperm counts.

Although there has been a decline in the amount of people who smoke, some still struggle to kick the addiction - although but some can find support from alternative therapies. Hypnotherapy courses, for example, can help people get to the root cause of their addiction, which helps them to understand why they smoke and to find ways in which to overcome the habit.

Roger Hart, professor of reproductive medicine at the university, comments on the findings. Cited by, he said: "To reach adulthood with the best possible testicular function a man should not be exposed to his mother's smoking, should have good foetal growth and, in childhood and through adolescence, should be neither underweight not overweight, and as an adult should not smoke or take drugs."