Sochi champion speaks of depression fight

An athlete who won a gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics this week has spoken of his past depression battle, according to

Dutch speed skater Stefan Groothuis, who triumphed in the 1,000 metres yesterday (February 12), claimed he suffered with the mental illness for a whole year back in 2011.

He told "In the summer of 2011 I was pretty depressed and that was really a tough time and my family , especially my wife, had a tough time."

One of the triggering factors for the illness was due to the fact that he suffered a severe Achilles tendon injury. He also was disappointed in himself for not achieving a world championship medal in the sport.

As well as finally winning an Olympic medal, the 32-year-old athlete spoke about his joy of his second son being born last summer.

He added: "We have two great kids and now Olympic champion. Amazing."

Groothuis appeared early in the competition yesterday and set a track record of 1 minute 8.39 seconds at the Adler Arena track. He then had a long wait to see whether he had triumphed.

Canadian Denny Morrison came to within 0.04 seconds of his time, however failed to beat Groothuis.