Smoking in cars with children should be banned, claims minister

England's public health minister Anna Soubry believes that smoking should be banned in cars where children are passengers, reports

She believes the move should happen on "child welfare grounds" but the prime minister, who openly supports the smoking ban in pubs and clubs, remains apprehensive about legislating what happens in cars.

Speaking at the Local Government Association's annual public health conference, Ms Soubry stated: "I would ban smoking in cars where children are present. I would do that for the protection of children. I believe in protecting children. I would see it as a welfare issue.

"I think it is something we should at least consider as government," she added.

Children are particularly vulnerable to second-hand smoke due to their higher-breathing rate alongside less well-developed airways, lungs and immune system. As a result, parents may want to consider kicking the habit or at least attending hypnotherapy courses to discover the reasons behind their smoking addiction.

At the moment, the government is not considering a ban, it has previously run campaigns sparking awareness of smoking in the presence of children at home or in cars.

Ms Soubry is certainly not one to hide her views on British lifestyle. According to, last month she said children from poor backgrounds were more likely to be obese due to an "abundance of bad food".