Second Study Year Struggle

Are you struggling in year two of your studies?

Recent research of university students has shown a struggle in the second year study period. The first year sees people settling in and the second year is the middle child in a three year course.

Our friends over the pond refer to it as the ‘sophomore slump’ with poor performance and disengagement from the course being a problem. When this was bought to England a similar pattern was revealed.

It appears that there is a shift in how they feel towards studying in their second year. Second year is reportedly more achievement driven.

The slump in the second year doesn’t have an obvious cause and this can make it harder to identify who needs the most support. There are feelings of being lost, disappointed with performance and perplexed about this.

Does a student feel unprepared for the overall workload perhaps? Is the gap too long between study years? There were some reports of feeling blue about the second year of study before it had even begun.

Many students in the initial research felt there was no introduction to the second year subjects and a sense of ‘you should know this by now’. Students wanted more support, but it didn’t seem it was taken up when offered… It is so important to seek the support when needed. Education institutes want their students happy, supported and successful.