Scots in support of outdoor smoking ban

A new study has found that more than three-quarters of Scottish adults are in favour of smoking in outdoor play areas being banned.

The research, carried out by YouGov, questioned 1,000 Scots. It found that 78 per cent who were quizzed said that they were in favour of a smoking ban coming into place at play areas. Only 11 per cent questioned were against it.

The proposals for the ban come after recommendations for the high success on the ban on smoking inside, which was brought in to place in Scotland in 2006. Recommendations for the ban to be extended to outdoor areas were also made in the Scottish government's smoking strategy earlier this year also.

The move may mean that parents who smoke will have to wait for their cigarette until they have left a play area. This may lead to more parents trying to quit cigarettes indefinitely. Those who want to quit could visit their GP for help, or try alternative measures such as a hypnotherapy course.

Talking about the proposals, Sheila Duffy, ASH Scotland's chief executive, said that they were being recommended to help protect youngsters. She told "We know that children who grow up seeing people smoking around them are more likely to end up experimenting with cigarettes and getting hooked on them."

Meanwhile in Britain, SKYCIG Cigarette Amnesty is also promoting anti-smoking at a Birmingham roadshow this week. The show, which will be held at the Bullring shopping centre, will allow smokers to trade in their normal cigarettes for e-cigarettes, according to

Fronting the campaign will be 'Made in Chelsea' star Rosie Fortescue, 23, who will be appearing at the show.