Quarter of UK women would pass up a holiday due to body fears

A new study has revealed that many British women would skip a foreign holiday due to their body fears, according to hotsearch.aol.co.uk.

The research came from organisation Weight Watchers who conducted a 'Summer Body Confidence Report'. It found that 27 per cent of UK women would forgo a holiday as they are too worried about how their body would look around the pool.

Data also showed 44 per cent were willing to try an unhealthy crash diet before a holiday, instead of addressing their body confidence issues. Whilst 38 per cent said that shopping for swimwear was their most stressful pre-holiday task, over sorting their finances, making travel arrangements and last-minute pressures at work.

A spokesperson for Weight Watchers claimed that those who are worried about their figure of summer holiday trips should embark on a slow and steady weight loss journey, rather than resulting to faddy diets. Those who also feel like body issues may be seriously affecting their mood or daily routine however may want to visit their GP, who could recommend things such as counselling courses.

Weight Watchers released the data as they revealed their Summer Body Confidence campaign, according to dailymail.co.uk. The campaign, which is fronted by Patsy Kensit, will encourage people to overcome deep set confidence issues and to help them lose weight sustainably in a healthy way.