Older smokers can see immediate improvement

Older smokers have been informed that kicking their habit before it's too late can result in significant health benefits, reports dailymail.co.uk.

A new study shows that people over 60 can cut their risk of heart disease and see a number of improvements in their physical state almost immediately after quitting smoking.

Dr Ali Ahmed from the University of Alabama at Birmingham's School of Medicine examined 13 years of medical information on 853 different people to bring hope to the thousands of elderly Britons still hooked on cigarettes.

He looked only at readings from participants over 65 years of age smoking less than 64 cigarettes a day for no more than ten years.

Dr Ahmed discovered that after 15 years without a cigarette, ex-smokers were at the same risk of developing heart failure and dying from heart failure, heart attacks and strokes as people who had never smoked before.

"It's good news," he told emaxhealth.com. "Now there's a chance for even less of a waiting period to get a cleaner bill of cardiovascular health."

The professor said that smoking is the most preventable cause of early death and people should look to quit as early as possible to preserve their lifespan.