Obesity-related hospital admissions rising in Plymouth

Obesity is fast becoming one of the most regular reasons for hospital admission in Plymouth, according to thisisplymouth.co.uk.

Nearly 5,000 people were put in hospital due to primary or secondary obesity problems during 2011/12, according to newly released figures from the NHS Information Centre.

In comparison Hull, a city with a similar population to Plymouth, saw just 642 hospital admissions due to obesity in the same period., reported onenewspage.co.uk.

Across the South West, the number of hospital admissions with a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity rocketed to 27,720 in 2011/12 - a marked rise from the 20,322 recorded in 2010/11.

There are a number of avenues those suffering from obesity can take, with hypnotherapy courses being a prime example. By discovering the underlying reasons for their condition through hypnotherapy, those suffering from obesity can get themselves on the road to recovery.

Brian O'Neill, consultant in public health for NHS Plymouth, commented on the figures: "While levels of obesity in Plymouth are in line with national figures we recognise that the number of admissions to hospital where the primary of secondary diagnosis was obesity is high in the city.

"We are targeting areas that have particularly high rates of obesity to ensure they support people to help address their weight...in Plymouth, we also have more structured programmes for those at serious health risk due to their weight," he added.