NHS app reveals impact of smoking on appearance

A new smartphone app from the NHS has been launched with the intention of forcing smokers to look at how much damage their habit will have on their appearance.

Once a picture has been submitted by the users, the program ages their face by up to 20 years to display the effects of smoking after the specified time period. Snapshots of the 'Smoking Time Machine' from dailymail.co.uk show the participants looking a little worse for wear, with saggy skin and jowls included in the makeover from hell.

Anything after 20 years also sees the user's complexion turn into a pale shade of grey, while deeper wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are evident after just ten years.

Health experts claim this is to account for the damaging effects of the 4,000 chemicals found in each cigarette. The app was launched by the Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust, who also conducted research whilst developing the technology.

The group found that 40 per cent of smokers took up the habit before they were 16. Therefore NHS Cumbria should be hoping that more young people enroll themselves on a counselling course to quit smoking before it's too late.

Kate Norman from Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust, told yahoo.com: "Young people - and teenagers especially - don't necessarily think the obvious consequences of smoking such as cancer and lung disease is going to happen to them.

"But this app uses their face and shows them how they will look. It's something that is very close to home and hard to ignore."