NHS Announce that Children and Young People will be Given More of a Say in Their Mental Health Care

NHS England has today announced that there are sites across the country now chosen to develop Patient Centred Outcome Measures for children and young people with a range of health conditions.

This will see children and young people playing a more active role in deciding which mental health outcomes are most important to them.

Children and young people will be consulted on illnesses such as asthma, palliative care, use of wheelchairs and posture services in addition to psychological interventions as part of medical treatments for mental health conditions such as eating disorders and self-harming.

‘This is about asking young people what is most important to them’ says Tim Kelsey, National Director for Patients and Information at NHS England. It is new approach to measuring the quality of health care.

Tim continued to express how it is recognised that childhood and adolescence is a formative period in a person’s life and it is important to maximise their support and health by focusing on their needs.

Mr Kelsey said; ‘Getting this right for the youngest members of the population means we build a firm foundation for a healthier adulthood’.

The initiative is a breath of fresh air for the sites that are to implement it and gain a real insight into the person at the centre of the care required.