New Year New You

We would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. We hope the festive break was a good one.

With the new year comes new years resolutions. Someone told me recently that they weren't going to have new years resolutions any more and that instead they were just going to live each day as it comes and be kind to themselves. This got me thinking about what a positive message that was, and even if your new years resolution is to go to the gym or eat healthier, I think that living each day as it comes and being kind to yourself is something everyone can implement.

There is a story of two dogs that goes: There is a story of two dogs. Both at separate time walk into a room. One comes out wagging his tail, while the other comes out growling. A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so mad. To her surprise she finds a room filled with mirrors. The happy dog found a thousand happy dogs looking back and him, while the angry dog found a thousand angry dogs growling back at him. What you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are.

This is such a great little story, and i will think about it when i am living each day as it comes and being kind to myself.