New guide helps parents spot signs of conduct disorders

Parents are being urged to read a new guide to help spot signs of 'conduct disorders' in their children.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which released the guide, believes that at least five per cent of children may suffer from this form of mental illness and are desperate to help parents identify it early.

The guide helps parents distinguish children who are occasionally disobedient and those who suffer from 'conduct disorders'. It could certainly be of interest to those on psychotherapy courses who may want to work with disadvantaged children in the future.

Professor Steven Pilling, who helped develop the guidelines, attempted to explain the main differences.

In a recent interview with, he said: "Children with conduct disorders are different. It's not a bit of tantruming or getting into trouble now and then. It's picking up the 14in TV and throwing it through the window." reports that parents of children with 'conduct disorders' could be offered classes to help them deal with this problem. The classes will teach parents how to play with their children in a productive manner and punish bad behaviour in a way that children with conduct disorders will learn from.