Nearly 475,000 women referred for counselling or therapy last year

New NHS figures show that the number of women being referred for counselling or therapy is far higher than men, according to

There were nearly 475,000 women referred for the treatment last year, whilst only 274,000 men sought out help for the problem. The data also found that women in their 20s are the most likely to seek help with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

It's thought that the higher figure for women is down to them feeling more able to talk about and admit to experiencing mental health problems.

Talking about this, Beth Murphy from mental health charity Mind, told 'While there is no gender difference in the prevalence of mental health problems, women are much more likely to seek help than men, and are more willing to talk about their own mental wellbeing."

Recent statistics also show that the number of prescriptions given for antidepressants has also been steadily rising over the last couple of years and that more people are contacting charity organisations to seek help with mental issues.

The latest NHS annual health survey, which was carried out last month, found that almost quarter of women in the UK are suffering from depression or extreme anxiety.