Nation's waistlines are rapidly expanding, says study

It had been discovered that the nation's waistlines are rapidly expanding, according to

A team of researchers looked a data from the Health Survey of England and the Scottish Health Survey to find the information. They compared data from 1994-1996, as well as from 2008-2010.

Between these two periods, it was found that the number of men aged 18-22 years with a waist measuring more than 40 inches had doubled. The data also showed that women with a waist of over 34.5 inches had nearly tripled. These figures were even higher for people in Scotland.

The data also showed that over a third of men and women are now becoming obese in old age. It is claimed that this may be down to lack of motivation to eat healthily and not exercising enough.

Talking about this, Katrina Coutts, spokeswoman for Age Scotland, told "Eating healthily can be a challenge for older people, many of whom are on a low and fixed income, or may have previously been part of a couple and suddenly, following a bereavement, find themselves having to prepare meals for one."

She added: "Most older people want to live independently for as long as possible, and keeping active is key to achieving this. That doesn't have to mean taking on an expensive gym membership. Walking, together with simple strength and balance exercises, is a really good way to help stay independent and prevent falls."