Mums asked to seek help with post-natal depression

Mothers with post-natal depression are being urged to seek help from professionals.

Sally Russell, who co-founded parenting advice website after suffering from the illness, has described how difficult it can be to speak about such problems.

In an emotional interview with, she explained that many women might not even realise what is making them feel so low.

She said: "It takes a little while for it to dawn on them that things aren't quite right. Even when they do realise, they perhaps don't want to talk about it too openly with people because they think it's embarrassing.

"When you're suffering, you feel you're failing as a mother and to admit to anybody that you're failing as a mother when it's supposed to be instinctive is extremely difficult."

Russell openly urged mothers to seek help from counsellors. The topic of post-natal depression is one that is often studied on a range of accredited counselling courses. She has also been campaigning against mums bearing the brunt of the coalition's spending cuts.

In an interview with, she argued it was unfair that mums had to deal with a restriction in maternity pay, whilst Britain's millionaires were enjoying a tax break.

Netmums will launch a campaign raising awareness about post-natal depression next month.