MPs to get £25,000-a-year mental health clinic

A Westminster clinic is to be set up to help stressed MPs deal with depression and anxiety issues.

The service, which will cost £25,000 a year to run, is aiming to deal with the rising number of MPs who are reporting mental health issues. It is also hoped to help politicians who say they feel discriminated against by doctors for such problems in their constituencies.

All treatment will be funded by The Commons Members' Estimate Committee, which is the organisation which looks after MP's working conditions. This could be treatment such as counselling courses, or cognitive behavioural therapy, which will be provided by specialists at St. Thomas's hospital.

Talking about the clinic, Kevan Jones, Labour MP for North Durham told "It's not easy for MPs to go to their own GP to talk about issues such as depression or anxiety."

He continued: "This is not about preferential treatment. It's about giving MPs the opportunity to find solutions here in Westminster and have access to the types of services available to their constituents."

The new comes after it was revealed on Monday (February 11th) that Parliament had approved the Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill which states MPs cannot automatically lose their seats if they have been sectioned for more than six months.

It also means company directors now can't be removed if they have a mental illness, according to