Mothers stress themselves out over what other people think of them

Some mothers care too much about what other people think of their parenting skills, which is causing them to become stressed, a new study reveals.

Researchers from the University of Michigan say that mothers who put themselves under too much stress are leaving themselves vulnerable to mental health problems, such as depression. In the study, 113 women were asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding depression and whether they feel they're a good mother or not, reports

They found that women who know that being a good parent isn't always easy are far more likely to ask for help, whereas those who are worried about what others think will try and do it all on their own. Caring too much about other people's opinions could increase the risk of depression too.

Moreover, mothers who feel under pressure to stop their children behaving badly or quickly calm their crying babies are more likely to be stressed, reports

Dr Thomason, a research fellow at the University of Michigan, comments: "Kids are supposed to be perfect and well behaved, and if that's not the case it negatively reflects on you as a parent through public perception. If the baby is misbehaving, it doesn't make you a bad mother. It's a matter of developing strategies, but they can be challenging."