Mother sheds over four stone through hypnotherapy treatment

A former model who ballooned to 15-and-a-half stone following the birth of her son has managed to regain her figure through just two hypnotherapy sessions, reports

Jenny Rock, 26, developed constant cravings for junk food after giving birth to her son Cory last August. Bad eating habits caused her to gain weight up until she reached a size 18 in clothing. says it was around that time when she decided to do something about her weight after comparing recent pictures of herself on a night out and snaps from before the birth of Cory, now 13 months.

Ms Rock decided to sign up to receive hypnotherapy courses and deep tissue massage, which melts fat cells in the blood and passes these into the urine for disposal.

After just two sessions with the hypnotherapist she began to see a difference in her attitude towards eating. It was then up to the massage machine to work its magic.

This is a rectangular box with a suction pad on the end of a stick, which is placed on areas of the stomach that contain large amounts of body fat.

"I was hypnotised but I can remember it feeling really cold. It reminded me of the feeling you get when you put a vacuum cleaner on your skin," she said.

Ms Rock says she's now dropped down to a size 12 and feels "amazing" about herself.