Modern life leads people to feeling frustrated and anxious 234 times a year

The various stresses of modern life cause people to experience feelings of frustration and anxiety 234 times a year, according to new research.

Cited by, a study from energy company E.ON shows that over 1.3 million Brits admit to feeling powerless to help themselves in certain situations over 20 times a week.

Overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frustration are brought on by a range of everyday situations, from traffic delays to health and how to manage finances.

Nearly as third of the 2,699 Brits surveyed by E.ON said they couldn't regain full control of their life due to their tendency of putting things off. Another third said they were "too busy to do everything", while a quarter expressed their discontent at being "too disorganised" to sort themselves out.

Given the hundreds of days Britons spend in turmoil, attending counselling courses to eradicate basic feelings of stress might be a wise investment of their time.

Judi James, an expert in social behaviour, told a perceived lack of control over things like household bills or a professional workload is more than enough to set off feelings of anxiety.

She says people can go some way towards alleviating this strain by tackling some of the minor issues in their life.

"Attempting to regain control over the smaller, more manageable issues is a simple but effective way to help avoid stress and anxiety in day-to-day life," she added.