Mindsmatter Service Receives Praise from MPs

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trusts Mindsmatter service has been praised for its work by the Minister for State of Care and Support, Norman Lamb MP and MP Gordon Britwistle after a recent visit.

They visited recently to look at the development of the quality of care available to people experiencing mental health problems in the surrounding area.

Recently the service has undergone a rebranding and provides a range of talking therapies for people suffering from common mental health problems which include stress, anxiety and depression.

Norman Lamb was really impressed with the service developments and thought it was ‘fantastic to have a look round the Mindsmatter service and see the excellent work for people with mental health problems in the area’. He continued to express how he wants to ‘build a fairer society and that means better mental health care for everyone. This service is a great example of how the right resources and dedication of everyone involved can give people the high quality support they deserve’.

Mental health has been neglected, compared to physical health, for far too long. ‘Many people at some point will have to deal with mental health issues either for themselves or a loved one and it is inspiring to see the passion the Burnely Mindsmatter team have for their work’.

There is currently a five year plan in place which the trust are working towards and as part of this Mindsmatter will work together with the Clinical Commissioning Groups to produce compassionate and quality care. This is to include reducing waiting times which has been highly successful; the wait has now reduced from 26 to just 6 weeks.

The Mindsmatter service offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Mindfulness courses and stress control workshops; www.lancashirecare.nhs.uk/mindsmatter.