Mike's First Day with Chrysalis

The alarm screamed at me to get out of bed at 6.00am. Nothing untoward about that except this was a Sunday morning. And it had been barely five hours since I fell into bed, having attended my youngest daughter’s engagement party the night before. I awoke bleary-eyed and not a little hung-over but excited nonetheless. For this was my first day at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University on my Chrysalis Hypnotherapy course.

I had not been to university before – other than that well-worn cliché the University of Life – so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After a pleasant and mercifully quiet bus journey to the university, I found my classroom easily enough and I entered room 2092 – yes, it’s a large building - rather gingerly. It was 20 minutes until the class began but, to my relief, I found I wasn’t the only student there. The tutor greeted me warmly and there was a friendly hello from the other half dozen apprehensive students already in their seats. By 10.00am there was a full complement of 25 students and the class started bang on time.

My anxiety was misplaced. It was clear most of us felt the same but our tutor immediately put us at ease and explained the format of the course and what we would be expected to do in the months ahead, clearly and without any jargon. The usual ice-breaking exercise produced its intended result and by lunchtime the students were conversing with one another like they had known each other for some time.

The course material was fascinating and held our attention. While this might have been expected - we all chose to go on this course after all – the explanation of what hypnosis is and how it can make a positive difference to people’s lives struck a chord. The relaxation exercise our tutor demonstrated in the afternoon session was quite superb and convinced me that hypnotherapy can play a crucial part in aiding people’s recovery.

Even on my first day there was a feeling of comradeship with my fellow students. I even exchanged contact details with a couple of them and I’m really looking forward to my next class in January.

Although I was apprehensive beforehand - was I doing the right thing, would this prove to be a waste of money, would I be out of my depth? – by the end of that first day I was totally convinced I had made the right decision. I know this is a positive life-change for me and this was the first step towards building a new and rewarding career. Not necessarily rewarding in the financial sense, but the warm, satisfying feeling that you are learning skills that will make a difference to people’s lives.

And that is priceless…