Mental health awareness should be added to school timetable, says charity

A new charity is calling for schools to add mental health awareness to their timetables.

Representatives from Mindfull, which is a new internet-based support service for 11-17-year-olds says that by putting mental issues on the school curriculum, it will help to promote a better understanding of the issues at hand.

Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of the charity, told "Poor mental health among young people is one of the last great medical taboos. Rather than being encouraged to speak out and seek help, and receiving appropriate support when they do, young people suffer in silence.

"We should be giving them as much help as possible and having mental health awareness on the school curriculum would promote greater understanding and make it easier for children to seek and get help."

It was reported earlier this month by that one in five children in the UK suffer with symptoms of depression, according to statistics from YouGov. Parents who think their child is depressed or suffering with another mental health issue would be advised to take them to their local GP. The doctor may recommend therapy such as a counselling course to try and talk through any issues.

Signs of a mental health issue in children include changes in school performance, excessive worrying or anxiety, hyperactivity and persistent nightmares.