In recent months we have seen a number of viral campaigns which talk about mental health. We had the semicolon project and the words of encouragment temporary tattoos, now we have people taking selfies with their medication.

This brings highlighting mental health to a whole new level. Its so raw, with some people showing coutless bottles of medication. Using the hashtag #medicatedandmighty they are stamping out the stigma. One selfie at a time.

It all started when Blogger Erin Jones posted a selfie with her medication, after the post went viral she teamed up with The Mighty to remove unfair and hurtful preconceptions surrounding taking medication for mental health issues.

The beautiful part of this campaign is that it shows people who are taking medication are not alone. Far from it, infact it is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans take mental health medication. That is more than 63 million!

The hashtag isn't about pushing everyone with a mental health issue to take medication. Itis about fighting stigma and empowering people who take medication to be unapologetic and unashamed