Matt Cardle admits he depended on prescription drugs when stressed

Winner of TV show 'The X Factor' Matt Cardle has admitted that he used to depend on prescription drugs whenever he felt stressed.

Speaking out about his addiction, he also noted how dangerous an addiction to prescription drugs can be and recalled very bad periods where he felt "like a zombie", reports

"I was kidding myself thinking I had a handle on it," he explained. "That little word in front of the drug - 'prescription' - gave it an air of safety for me. But it's the total opposite - they are so highly addictive both physically and mentally."

He added that at one point, he couldn't keep count of how many drugs he had taken and had to ask others around him how many they'd seen him have.

During another bad period, the star lost control of his behaviour and stated that he passed out on a train and spilt beer all over himself. He also started to get changed on the train and said at the time he didn't know where he was or what he was doing.

The musician became addicted to valium after being prescribed it to conquer his fear of flying. Later down the line, he told people he was taking antibiotics to hide his addiction. He also became dependent on temazepam, which is used to treat insomnia, reports

After checking in at The Priory and getting a handle on his addiction, Matt Cardle is now sober and has said he feels "brilliant".