Lack of sleep linked to hunger hormone

New research has linked a lack of sleep to the stimulation of hunger hormones, according to

The study, which was carried out by researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden discovered that those who had suffered from a lack of sleep were more inclined to purchase higher calorie food from a shop. Participants in the research had to spend an entire night without any sleep and then were given 40 items to choose from the next day. Results showed that participants chose food which had nine per cent more calories than when they had a good night's sleep.

Talking about the study, lead author of the study Colin Chapman told "Our finding provides a strong rationale for suggesting that patients with concerns regarding caloric intake and weight gain maintain a healthy, normal sleep schedule."

Those who regularly don't get enough sleep may find that they gain weight if hunger hormones are stimulated too often. As well as lack of sleep, overeating may also be caused by emotional issues. Those who think this may be the case may want to contact their GP, who could suggest things such as a counselling course.

Participants in the study were given breakfast before they were asked to make their food choices, in order to minimise hunger.