Jonathan Trott's Ashes withdrawal shines a light on mental health

Jonathan Trott's decision to leave the Ashes tour could open mental health issues up to a much larger audience, his supporters have claimed.

The England batsman announced this weekend he was to cease playing in the Ashes tour of Australia with immediate effect and return home to the UK.

Trott was already known to have suffered with mental health issues in the past, with this most recent withdrawal from the game being put down to "stress-related issues", reports.

Now, the cricketer's supporters have rallied behind him, claiming this could be the opportune moment for mental health to be addressed not just in the world of cricket, but for its supporters across the world.

One such individual who has publicly supported Trott is former England opening batsman Marcus Trescothick, who himself suffered with depression during his playing career. The parallels don't end there, however, as Trescothick also had to leave tours as a result of his condition; in India during the 2005-06 season and on the 2006-2007 Ashes tour.

Speaking of his own experiences, Trescothick told "You just can't take any more, you can't get through the day let alone go out there and play a Test match and win a Test match.

"I sympathise with Trotty. I've been in that exact situation in '06 and '07 and tried to make that decision knowing that the consequences and all the attention it's going to bring on to you are going to be tough. I think we just need to allow a bit of time, that's the key at this point."