Issue of overcoming homesickness addressed

The issue of homesickness has hit the headlines after a footballer reportedly overcame the condition using a counselling course, reports.

Spanish footballer Jesus Navas has consistently been linked with English Premiership clubs after promising displays during a number of high-profile games. He was even offered a deal with Chelsea back in 2006 but reluctantly turned it down after fearing he'd be homesick.

Now, the winger looks set to move to Manchester City, having found ways to cure the crippling homesickness that left him unable to leave Seville.

In light of the revelations, counsellors have explained that homesickness affects around 70 per cent of those who move to a new city or country. It often presents itself as more than wanting to chat with loved ones, but instead manifests itself in similar ways to that of depression.

In the most extreme cases, it can develop into full-scale panic attacks, social withdrawal, sleep disruption, nightmares and concentration problems.

Furthermore, these conditions can be set off by just the smallest of triggers: anything from a smell or taste, to even a specific colour.

Commenting on why homesickness takes hold, social psychologist Dr Gary Wood told that is comes from losing the "anchor points" a person felt in their old home.

"People can feel homesick by moving just a street away," he claimed. "Some people tolerate this ambiguity [in their lives] better than others."