Hypnotherapy Helping Smokers Quit

It is said that the rational cognitive mind is not responsible for keeping the smoking habit going – it is the unconscious mind – an area that can be reached through hypnosis.

In Germany hypnosis has been recognised as a psychotherapy treatment method since 2006 but there are still some image problems. Perhaps the confusion between ‘stage hypnosis’ and ‘hypnotherapy’ plays a part in this. Stage hypnosis sees a person experience a complete ‘switch off – like a blackout’ which leads to the participant not remembering anything that happened. This is not how therapy works. During hypnotherapy a person is aware of what is happening around them – it is a natural state of deep relaxation. In this state the therapist is able to communicate with the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapist Norbert Schick says ‘you laugh, you cry, emotions swell, and the unconscious opens up’.

Gerhard’s story describes how despite efforts made Gerhard just was unable to give up. But he was eventually given an ultimatum – quit or die. A hard truth but his health was suffering so greatly with his addiction. Gerhard was recommended to attend a hypnotherapy session. He was sceptical at first, as many are. The session combined a hard hitting pep-talk with a softer talk in a calm environment highlighting the need to stop smoking.

Gerhard left his session, threw away his half packet of cigarettes and never looked back.

This particular example is a fantastic example of hypnotherapy affecting a person immediately. It is not always so straight forward and it must be noted that many people require more sessions than others to kick to the habit.

Schick explains that hypnotherapy is ‘like reprogramming the unconscious mind. The cigarette becomes less and less appealing’. Nicotine is often ‘blamed’ for the addiction but in truth this substance leaves the body within a couple of days. The mind is still programmed though to smoke. This article is not to say that this way is for everyone but it certainly seems worth giving it a go!