How Showing Gratitude Will Improve Your Life

How grateful are you? Do you express gratitude for all you have in life? 

It may sound like some hippy concept that doesn’t mean much, but an attitude of gratitude can bring many benefits to your life. I was once a sceptic and didn’t believe that showing gratitude for things would make much of a difference. Now I don’t often say this, but I was wrong. Expressing gratitude and being thankful for what you do have in your life can bring many wonderful benefits into your life that all point towards one feeling… happiness. 

Here’s how showing gratitude will improve your life: 

Gratitude frees you from negative thinking: it’s a sad fact that as a society we tend to remember and focus on all the bad things in our lives. However, by living life with gratitude you are only focusing on the positive things. This is a good habit to get into as you’ll soon find that you become a more positive person overall.

People will like you more: you should be liked for who you are anyway but expressing gratitude doesn’t mean changing your personality to be liked more. It’s simply a positive way of living that benefits others as well as yourself. You’ll appear nicer, more trusting and open to others. Your friendships and relationships will improve as a result and you may even find that you find it easier to strike up new connections with people.

Your health could get better: various studies have been done over the years that show a reduction in depression, improved quality of sleep and less physical pain for those who participated. Of course, I’m not a Doctor and you should always follow medical advice. However, there does seem to be something in this. The mind and body are linked, with the health of one impacting on the other, so by looking after your mind you can help your body and vice versa.

You’ll become less materialistic: it’s ok to admit that you might be a little bit materialistic. I think we are all guilty of it to a degree, despite trying not to be. The good news is that by practicing gratitude you’re focusing on the simple, positive things in life that you are grateful for. For example, you could be grateful for a sunny day or for that nice walk in the countryside you enjoyed. Maybe you’re grateful for an afternoon spent with your children or a visit to your parents. They are all simple pleasures in life that are completely unmaterialistic. Remember that the simple things in life often bring the most joy. Practice gratitude by being grateful for those things. Money, cars and the latest technology don’t really matter.

Gratitude will help you to bounce back when you’re knocked down: we all have difficult times in life and I imagine most of us have faced some dark days. Practicing gratitude is a great coping mechanism that can enable you to bounce back stronger than ever before. It will help you to become more self-aware so that you know when to seek help or put things in place that are going to draw you into the light again. You’ll have something positive to focus on regardless of what may be happening in your life. Gratitude really can equate to happiness.

What are you grateful for today?

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