Hospital Staff Absences Double Due to Mental Health Issues

Within the last four years staff absence in hospitals across trusts in England has doubled. This figure was obtained by the BBC revealing a jump from 20,207 to 41,112 absences relating to anxiety, stress and depression.

These staggering figures seem to reflect the relentless pressure put on the staff of very busy hospitals around England. NHS England has acknowledged that they need to do more to support their staff.

An NHS spokesperson commented; ‘our staff are some of the most hard-working and dedicated people in our country. We now have record numbers of nurses and other frontline professionals, but the NHS needs to become better at supporting staff – not least because better staff experience leads to better patient care.’

These new figures are a huge cause for concern but unfortunately, they don’t seem to be unexpected or surprising.

Funding cuts, leading to staff loses, can only further damage the workforces moral and wellbeing. More pressure to the existing staff workloads and the inevitable changes to service structures needed to utilise the staff in the right places and right ways cannot have a positive outcome.