HIV and Aids Counselling Service Planned

A HIV and Aids counselling service is being planned by an Isle of Man voluntary organisation.

As the number of people living with the virus increases steadily further need for counselling is highlighted.

The support group was set up three years ago and has helped around 100 people thus far. Some people suffering from the virus and others in caring roles.

Tony Watterson, the group coordinator and spokesman, noted that “there is a shortage of counsellors and we are hoping to fill that niche”.

Tony was diagnosed with the virus 16 years ago and recalled the confusion he felt at the time. Confused and bewildered when he received the news, but he had nowhere to turn to for help. Whilst things have improved since then in terms of the support and information available about the effects of living with HIV there are still no dedicated counselling service and Tony wants to remedy that.

The project will be funded partly by UK charities and partly through fundraising on the island.

The appeals coincide with marking this year’s World Aids Day (Monday 1st December). An excellent endeavour to be commended and supported.