Happiness linked to friends and family not mobile devices, claims expert

A professor has claimed the secret to happiness lies in seeing friends and family rather than the constant use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, reports indiatimes.com.

Professor Paul Dolan, part of the London School of Economics, claims mobile devices are luring people away from their 'nearest and dearest' due to their addictive nature.

Unless people change their behaviour, they could suffer 'mental illness' as a result, he added to dailymail.co.uk.

Consequently, improving happiness levels could be directly linked to the use of mobile devices (or lack of). However, putting tablets and mobiles aside could require outside help, such as mentoring from those with a counselling diploma. Their addictive nature could be a stumbling block for many, for example.

Dolan commented on the use of mobile devices: "We're constantly having our attention distracted and distraction is a cost.

"When you switch tasks it requires attention. Paying attention to what you're doing and who you are with and turning your phone off and enjoying being with your friends is much better for you than constantly checking your phone and checking emails," he added.

When it comes to happiness while in a relationship, Dolan also noted that happiness levels may be better during divorce over separation as the latter is linked to uncertainty.