Five Ways to Make Better Decisions in Life

Decisions, decisions, decisions… We all have to make them. 

From deciding what to have for breakfast in the morning, to deciding a which wedding dress to buy, we all have choices to make in life. Some decisions are easy to make. You may know what you want to watch on television tonight. Then there are the harder to make decisions that have more of an impact on your life. Maybe you are stuck in a particular part of your life. Perhaps you have made decisions about your life that you have ended up regretting. Whichever it may be, the five top tips here can help you to make better decisions in life.

  • Thank about what it is you want. If you have a clear idea of what you actually want, or a desired outcome, this will help you to make an appropriate decision. So, for example, if you want to lose weight and fit into a nice dress for a special occasion, perhaps opting for healthy food over cake is the better decision to make. The goal is to fit into that dress and the decision that will help you to achieve that is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. If you reflect on what you really want, that will shape the decisions you make and ultimately lead to better choices that are more beneficial for you.
  • Trust your intuition. If you have a gut feeling about something, it’s probably right. That’s how I live my life and I find that others benefit greatly when they live in that way too. You know yourself more than anyone else does, even if you don’t think that you do. If you ignore your intuition, perhaps that is a sign that you don’t want to face up to something. That in turn leads to poorer decision making which could be detrimental to your life and your wellbeing. Intuition exists for a reason. Don’t be afraid to trust it, as it will probably lead to you making better decisions. If you find that your decision you are faced with making is too tough, spend some time to yourself thinking about what you want (refer to tip number 1) and listen to what your body, mind and soul are telling you. This can help to bring clarity of thought and again that enables you to make positive decisions.
  • Don’t let emotions cloud your decisions. If you have to make a decision but feel emotional in any way, park the decision for now and wait until you are in the right frame of mind. Being angry or upset all too often leads to poor decisions being made, with the emotion having too much gravitas over the decision. It’s better to make decisions without the controlling influence of emotions. It is ok to take a step back, take some time out, and then reflect on the decision that you want or need to make. Revisiting tip 1 and tip 2 can also come into play here.
  • Trust yourself to make decisions. If you are quite an indecisive person or find it challenging to make the right decisions, it’s time to start putting more trust in yourself. Start small and begin making some trivial decisions for yourself. When you are more confident with doing that, move on to making bigger decisions that have an impact on your life. Don’t be afraid to assert authority over yourself. Ultimately, you are being kind to yourself by doing this as being able to make positive decisions for yourself is an empowering act that can build confidence and lessen any need for approval, either from yourself or others. Following all of the previous tips will help you get to this point.
  • On the back of the previous tip, the final one is to know that others cannot and should not make decisions for you. The truth is that you are the keeper of your own destiny. Yes, other people may have an opinion on something or think you should make a particular decision. That’s ok, but other people’s thoughts should not control or influence the decisions that you make. You are your own person and decisions should be yours. Thinking about what you want, trusting your intuition, taking emotions out of the decision making process and trusting yourself to make decisions are all steps that will help you.