Fantastic Career Commemorated as 90 Year Doctor Retires

Dr Edgar Barnett, an English born doctor living now in Canada, who graduated in 1948 will finally be retiring having reached nearly 90 years of age.

Since the early 1970’s Barnett has been interested in and intrigued by Hypnotherapy. Not a common practice in 70’s but a then-growing field.

As years passed Barnett’s fascination with how a patient’s subconscious’ mind can be used to help them in their everyday, conscious, life gerw and grew. “It is something that’s a part of all of us; we all have a subconscious mind. All we hypnotherapists do is access that part”.

Barnett had spent several years giving lectures about hypnotherapy and has wrote three books on the subject. He had always had a desire to help others and that’s what kept him going every day.

Dr Barnett is fit and healthy and owes this to a swim in the mornings and climbing the stairs everyday to his second storey office.

Barnett will be sorry to leave his beloved job but he now has plans to travel, play the piano and read more.

The career he loved has been rewarding and he has helped people, using hypnotherapy to deal with issues such as stress and anxiety right through to quitting smoking.

Goes to show, if you choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.