Extended smartphone use linked with increased risk of anxiety

Avid smartphone users are more likely to suffer from anxiety issues, according to a new study.

Researchers from the United States came to this conclusion after analysing smartphone use amongst more than 500 teenagers and linking it to other aspects of their lives.

According to independent.co.uk, they discovered that teens who used their smartphones the most were the most likely to experience problems with anxiety.

It was suggested that many of these teens felt obligated to remain in contact with friends at all times, through text messaging, calls and various social networking websites - giving their brains no downtime.

Speaking to dailymail.co.uk, one of the study's researchers Andrew Lepp explained the importance of giving the brain some time to relax.

He said: "There is no 'me time' or solitude left in some of these students' lives and I think mental health requires a bit of personal alone time to reflect, look inward, process life's events, and just recover from daily stressors."

Frequent smartphone users were also found to be the most likely to suffer from poor results at school, because they are more likely to become distracted from their studies. Previous research has also linked extended smartphone use with poor sleeping habits.