Ex-anorexic teen speaks out against weighing children in schools

A teenager who became anorexic at 11 says children shouldn't be weighed in school, as that's what triggered her to develop the condition.

According to dailymail.co.uk, as part of the National Child Measurement Programme, Sophie Anderson was weighed at school. Some time afterwards, her parents were sent a letter informing them that she could become overweight. This led the 11 year old to develop anorexia and at her worst point she weighed just 4st.

"I had been a completely happy child but from around this time I started becoming more self-conscious about my body," she explains. "The letter was certainly part of it. I am also a perfectionist, which makes you more susceptible to anorexia. I started off on just a diet and it just progressed from there. I started losing weight rapidly."

Miss Anderson, now 13, is recovering from her disorder. She believes the programme should be stopped, as it's dangerous to warn a child about their weight when they're already becoming worried about their appearance.

Her mother, Mary, agrees and says teenage girls should be told that food is good for them. At one point, her daughter almost died because she was so underweight her organs were shutting down, reports parentdish.co.uk.

Miss Anderson also wants to boost awareness of eating disorders and says they should be spoken about in schools.