Department of Health funds new weight loss app

The Department of Health has funded a new app that aims to reduce the UK's obesity problem.

The mobile app, called 'The Walk' encourages users to walk on a fictional journey, unlocking secrets on the way. It will document the amount they walk each day as they make their way through the game.

An imaginary explosion at Inverness station will start the game. With all transport communications cut out, the player, who will take on the role of 'Walker', will have to carry a mysterious package across the country on foot.

The app has been created by firm Six to Start, which was the company behind popular game 'Zombies, Run!' This app, in which joggers ran away from the 'undead', ended up selling over 500,000 copies.

Talking about the new technology, Six to Start chief executive, Adrian Hon, said he hoped that 'The Walk' could be as successful as the company's previous app.

He told "Zombies, Run!' was huge for us, becoming the most successful smartphone fitness game in the world."

Mr Hon also said that the app was created using advice from both doctors and scientists. It is hoped the technology will encourage users to meet targets for 10,000 steps per day, according to