Dentists Use Hypnotherapy as Alternative to Anaesthetic

Dentists in the city of Vadorar, India, have turned to hypnosis to ease the pain of dentistry work.

Hypnosis is the technique that focuses peoples thoughts and induces a trance-like state of relaxation in the indiviudual. Denists have now started using hypnosis to reduce pain and anxiety in patients undergoing longer or more complicated procedures such as tooth extractions.

The dentists that are using these methods, it must be noted, are trained hypnotherapists. The trained practitioners carry out the dental procedures after inducing numbness through hypnosis instead of injecting their patients with painkillers or anaesthesia.

Of course hypnotherapy is a stand alone therapy but in combination with other medical procedures can go a long way to speed up procedures and produces faster results.

In these dental procedures a milder hypnosis is induced, not too disimilar to the deep relaxation state of hypnosis experienced for other ailments. This is also a great way to avoid any complications or side effects of the drugs.

The dental phobia is removed in many cases which results in a painless dental treatment. Many doctors in the city are high advocates of use of hypnotherapy in denistry and there certainly seems to be a growing demand.