Coping with Stress and Anxiety

So we are now into February, but this might not have changed how you feel about those so called ‘January Blues’.

As with every year there is a spike in the amount of calls in about feeling stressed and anxious, and people ultimately wanting some therapy or help. Specifically there is an increase in calls to Calderdale’s Insight Healthcare Talking Therapies, a not-for-profit organisation.

The organisation is a service which offers coping strategies for people who suffer from stress and anxiety in their lives.

The peak in referrals after Christmas was astonishing. Dr Munawar expresses how people ‘try to keep it together for the sake of Christmas’ but eventually when it is all over ‘harsh realities start to sink in.’.

The centre in Halifax offers short group courses as well as one-to-one treatment to empower the individual and to give them the tools to deal with the difficulties they are faced with in their lives.

The centre has workshops for Anxiety Management, Positive You, Living Well and Reading for Wellbeing workshops. All workshops are run by trained practitioners and treatments are administered in controlled environments.

The courses use talking therapies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to show how stress and anxiety are triggered in the brain and the therapy provided aims to teach the individual to alter the way they handle the stressful situations in the lives by their own thoughts.

Anxiety and stress are not the only things tackled at the centre, but at this time of year it is particular prevalent.

The fact that people don’t have to necessarily go through their GP’s anymore to receive help for their mental health issues is a huge advantage and people can access their own psychological treatment quicker and confidentially.

Dr Munawar believes that the more public conversations about mental health that happy are contributing to reducing the stigma attached to mental health but more discussion is of course still needed.

Insights ultimate message to people is that it’s not uncommon to experience difficulties; to feel stressed or anxious and essentially that people do not need to suffer alone.